Elementary Ballroom Standards

Please read the following criteria for participation in the Elementary Ballroom program

Work Habits, Attitude, and Behavior

Ballroom students are required to work during class with a positive attitude. Students should join the team because of their own motivation, not because their parent/guardian wants the student to participate. They need to try their best to concentrate and focus on what is being taught. This includes dancing in dance position with every partner, holding hands with their partner when dancing, listening to and following the directions of the teacher. Students should respect the teacher and the other students in the class, and avoid too much talking. After practice, Ballroom students need to wait for their parents after practice outside or in the foyer by the office.

Attendance and Tardiness

It is important that every Ballroom student is present and on time to every class. The students have a lot of material to learn, and it is not fair to the other students when they are not able to learn new steps because of absences. Classes start on time and 5 min after the school bell rings. Students should try to use the restroom and get a drink before class starts. Continued tardiness and absences may result in a dismissal from Ballroom class. Considerations will be made for students traveling from other schools.

If a class is missed, the student needs to ask the teacher or another student what they missed before the next class. Content will also be added to Google Classroom to assist students in learning material. A parent should contact the teacher before class to excuse each absence.

Students must be at the rehearsals prior to the performances. If a student misses too many practices, they may not to perform in the shows or compete with the team, and may be removed from the team.


Ballroom fees are $100 or $200 per person for each school year and are mandatory for each student participating in the program. Students may not participate in class if their fee is not paid. In extreme cases, please check with the teacher to set up payments if necessary. These fees help pay for teachers, music, concert materials, costumes, and other related expenses. As with other district programs, Ballroom abides by fee waiver policies.

***IMPORTANT: Refunds are not available after the program has been running for 2 weeks.

Team Match Events

If the school Ballroom program elects to participate in team match events, then students can participate in at least 1 team match at the discretion of the teacher. Students are not guaranteed a position on the team unless they earn it with good classroom behavior, attend class on a regular basis, learn the curriculum, and demonstrate a desire to do their best for the good of the team.

Acceptance in the Program

Acceptance in the Ballroom program is based on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE policy for new team members. Filling out an application does not guarantee any student a place in a Ballroom class. We wish that everyone could participate, but we can only accept a few more girls than boys in each class. If more girls than boys sign up, then the girl’s name will be placed on a waiting list. The girl will be notified if a space becomes available in the class.

***IMPORTANT: If a lady recruits a man (who commits to the entire year), she is guaranteed a spot on the team.

***IMPORTANT: Students who did not exemplify Ballroom standards in previous Ballroom classes may not be accepted into the program.