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COVID Information2022-04-25T23:36:54-06:00
Will my student dance with a mask on or off?
  • We will adhere to district policy and safety measures as they change.
How often will my student dance with a partner?
  • Students will dance individually and with a partner.
  • Students will change partners.
  • Everyone will sanitize as needed.
What happens if a student is COVID positive? 
  • The action required will be decided by the school and county health department at time of positive test result.
  • If a student is placed in quarantine, they may attend practice virtually through Google Meet.
Fees, Gear, Events2024-04-11T23:11:17-06:00


  • 1 Day – $100 per year
  • 2 Day – $200 per year
  • Due First day of class
  • Non-refundable after the first 2 weeks of class

Shoes and Gear

  • Ladies

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    • Ballroom shoes or black dress shoes
    • tan nylons
  • Men

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    • Ballroom shoes or black dress shoes
    • black dress pants
    • black socks
    • white dress shirt

Christmas Performance

  • During Ballroom class time (afternoon)
  • Recorded and sent to parents

End-of-Year Concert and Assembly

  • Evening performance, end of March
  • Assemblies during school at Northridge & Orchard a week after concert

Team Match Competition

  • January and March
  • More information will be provided when we get closer
  • Parents, and spectators must purchase a ticket to attend
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